In a crime-ridden city full of liars and cheats, Sadie King can solve any problem but Herman.

Sadie King

A talented private investigator motivated by money. Fiercely competetive by nature, Sadie gained a profitable reputation as the best sleuth in town. This lead to the opening of her own agency, where Benny Arungarin assists in her cases – though she pays him little regard.

Herman Lang

Herman Lang is a god damn private investigator. His love of fine European tailoring is only rivaled by his love for Scotch Whiskey. Or any whiskey. He behaves as if he is the star of his own television show. Despite his chosen career path, Herman displays a profound inability to pay attention.

Benny Arungarin

Sadie’s longtime friend and assistant. He is intruitive and clever, but lacks the confidence to open his own office. Benny prides himself on his research and his devotion to Sadie, who he seems to be romantically interested in.

Ron Burgess

The Captain of the police department, Ron is a man of integrity and professionalism. After noticing her success, and wishing to avoid the use of police resources, he hires Sadie for some reconnaissance work.

Mr. Caulfield

A criminal lawyer who has seemingly known Herman for many years. His memory is not what it used to be, but underneath this confusion lies a conniving, manipulative man with experience.

Clemente “Teddy” Razzino

Teddy runs an auto body shop in the city, among other things. He refers to a man named “Jack” as his superior, though he appears to keep a small circle; which includes Arthur Charles, his most frequent associate.

Jason Caulfield

Jason is a man with too much of what we all want – time and money. Once a business owner and driver of a Nissan 350z, he lost everything after a failed insurance scam. His father is a well-connected lawyer, which has saved Jason more than a few years in prison.

Arthur Charles

A man of few words, little is known about Arthur, and he appears to like it that way.

He is usually seen with Teddy Razzino.


Appearing only as a convenient source of information at first, Thaddeus may know much more about Herman than he initially assumed.

Daphne Reid

Another private investigator working in the City. She is abrasive and ill-tempered, stalking targets and cashing checks with a cutthroat sensibility.

Giselle Razzino

A young woman that meets Herman at the Poizon Lounge.

She claims to be Thaddeus’ daughter, and was once married to Teddy Razzino. She appears to still use his last name.

The Tailor

Carlos is Herman’s closest advisor and confidant.

He is the only person Herman seems to recognize over the phone.


Tom Nash is staying at the Essencia Hotel, supposedly.

Frank Spade

An older investigator with a career spanning decades. He has attained a sort of legendary status among his colleagues, having put away many notable criminals.


Founder and CEO of MATADOR, a private security firm.

Burt Pierce

A young PI working in the City.

His success was perhaps too much, too soon.


A young woman seen visiting the Body Shop regularly.

The Girl

You know her. The girl at the store. The girl at the coffee shop. The girl at the restaurant. The girl.

How can she help you?